So here’s how my summer is going so far! :)


I finally got a picture with KH^2 🙂 We’ve been meaning to get a sandwich picture for awhile. I still have yet to celebrate their high school graduations, but we’ll get to that later. We just all met up at Lollicup and had a good time.


This was when VSA went hiking. I know… not very many people showed up, but it was fun regardless 🙂


Then right after hiking, we went to the circus! I got to ride an elephant that day and it was super fun ❤ I also got to hang out with Nathaniel and Pablo. Awh, I really miss them again.


This is Cudjoe and I volunteering at the Tennis Tournament. I was actually a part of the Tennis Hope committee this year, which was a bit strange since I’ve been a volunteer for such a long time. Also, Cudjoe and I were partners for the mixed doubles beginner. We were knocked out first round though. 😥 LOL it’s ok though it was super fun.


This night was in celebration of moving into our new home 🙂 Anthony and Charlie came over to celebrate with us on Wine Wednesday and it was the first time I tried wine and I feel like I’m going to be a wine-a-holic because I really liked it and I crave it a lot. 😦


This was when the Miss AACO crew volunteered for Habitat Humanity! ❤ I love this program so much and I’m so glad the candidates this year are having a blast and doing so much more! Involvement in the community is super important! I can’t wait for the finale this year, these girls have really worked hard all year and it’s time for them to shine. And I really cannot wait to see my little, Agnes on stage! She’s so cute ❤



These two pictures were taken from the Miss AACO 2014 picnic. ❤


It’s always a good day with this goof. Couldn’t have asked to get stuck with anyone else. ❤


My handsome 2014 high school graduates. It was so weird going to graduation without being in a gown. I’m so proud of my boys… well they’re now men, but they will always be babies to me ❤ So proud to see how grown up they are now and I can’t wait to see the great things they will do in college!


And I’m still doing crazy shoots with Dao. ❤ She’s so talented… lol and I just derp.


This is another photo with my Miss AACO crew ❤ This is Hosnah and Natasha and they’re both really cute! ❤ We were building fences in the mountains for Wildlands Restoration! 🙂

We also met a really cute park ranger named Lonnie!