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January 8th, 2013


So lately, my tailbone area has been very swollen. I’m not sure why because I didn’t fall when I went ice skating… but that’s besides the point! It hurts sooo much! Every move I make I want to cry a bit. 😦 It totally blows! I guess every cloud has a silver lining (is that the saying..?) because Austin offered to come over and bring me some pain killers. I already had pain killers, but it’s the thought that counts. He still came over and we hung out for a bit! It’s nice to catch him around sometimes, because even though he likes to pretend he’s an asshole to me, he lowkey loves me. We just caught up on life stories over cookies and milk. Nomnomnomz.

After that, I just watched a lot of youtube videos from Jenn Im and Bethany Mota. Two of my favorite youtube channels. I just love their videos even though I’m not the dressy type of girl. I have a lot of down time to just chill out by myself. Then, my friends came over and we ate mexican food and just did a whole bunch of typical BAB things. ❤ It was simple, but I love the days where I just get to see them, yenno? I’m going to miss them when I have to go back to school. 😦

Anyway, here are a few photos of things in my week.


Alex came and visited me last night. ❤


I made two cute piggy banks out of Mason Jars I got from the dollar store. One is for my adventures with my friends and the other is for my travels this year! Yayyyy~


Welcome 2014!

Wow, it’s 2014. I will be turning 20 years old this year. AHHHHH! Midlife crisis! Jokes. But that is crazy to think… I swear I was 10 the last time I checked.

Anyway, I’m a little late to the New Year’s Resolutions party, but I’m here to do it anyway!


  • To be challenged, maybe not always, but often. I want to be tested emotionally, mentally, and physically. I truly believe that we cannot grow when we are constantly in our comfort zones. I want to live outside of this comfort zone and just do crazy things. I’m young and this is my chance to live.
  • I want to get back in touch with my creativity. In high school, I was really passionate about singing and dancing and I want to get back into that. During my first semester of college, I focused too much on getting that 4.0 (which I was really close to… darn you A-!) that I stopped dancing and singing! I want to post at least one song cover a month this year! So watch out 2014!
  • Work on maturing. I still feel very immature. I think that I need to learn how to deal with my emotions a lot more. Especially in the past few weeks, I’ve realized how I let my emotions really control a lot of what I say and do which really affects my relationships with people. I know I’m not perfect, but I want to be able to communicate my emotions to others much better in 2014.
  • Learn how to cook from my momma. Food is an important feature in our culture and I definitely don’t want to lose my culture.
  • Create a bucketlist of things that I would like to do this year. I want this list to be filled with places to visit, crazy abnormal things to do, little tasks I want to learn, etc. I want this bucketlist to help me be able to well… grow.
  • Self-love. High school is over. All the unnecessary self-hate and self-criticism is over. I’m so done with the bullshit the media and society portrays as “beauty.” I’m so done with people who tell me I’m not good enough, because I am. So here’s to 2014. The year I will love myself. Every flaw, every scar, everything.
  • Be able to work with kids this year. I am a kid-lover. I LOVE KIDS. They are just so innocent. Maybe it’s because when I see them and interact with them, they make me feel younger and more energized. (cue the rolling of the eyes as people point out that I am indeed only 19.)
  • I don’t know if this one is do-able, but I would really like to help my high school find a way to really promote college. I think that a lot of kids from my former high school do not think about life after high school or much about their future and I think that has to be changed!
  • Be fit! So typical! But this year, I’m finally serious. I want to be fit (not lose weight… BIG DIFFERENCE) because healthy body, healthy mind, right..?

Hmm… that’s all I could think of. I think that I will post my bucketlist up sometime soon so you guys can follow me with that too! 🙂