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A quick update on my [INCREDIBLE] family

Our Vietnamese Student Association is going super strong this year! I’m so proud of how much our eboard / members have accomplished this year so far with our new family program and everything. I was actually pretty nervous about it because I was the one who wrote the program and brought it up to the rest of the eboard and I really didn’t wanna let it be a disappointment to everyone.

My partner (wife), Anthony and I were lucky enough to be placed with an amazing group who we like to call our children. We are THE INCREDIBLES!!!! I’m so happy to be a part of this family and I hope that throughout the year I can really be a resource for them and a shoulder to lean on.

Here is our family so far:

First Family Selfie after our Family Reveal


Rachel transforms us into the Incredibles SUIT UP!:


Family Olympics with the Incredibles!


Volunteering at Bridging Hope:



We also went to the movies… but I have no idea where those pictures are… Hmmmmmm…

Well anyway, my family is the best and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us!


21 Things to Do by the Time I turn 21

  1. run a marathon for a special cause
  2. go two weeks without eating out
  3. learn how to eat vegetables without freaking out about it
  4. go to disney land / disney world
  5. go to california
  6. travel with my friends
  7. go camping
  8. go fishing with my dad again
  9. road trip to the grand canyon
  10. get a 4.0
  11. find an internship at anschutz (my dream med school)
  12. go to a maroon 5 concert
  13. meet someone famous and take a selfie with them
  14. buy my mom a REALLY nice gift
  15. go on vacation with my dad
  16. swim in the ocean
  17. learn how to play the ukelele
  18. perform on stage
  19. take a walk by myself at least once a week
  20. create a private journal for myself (we’ll see how this goes because i try all the time and i always suck at it!)
  21. get myself a cute pet on my 21st birthday

A reflection of VSA…

So, I guess I should explain how I really got involved in this crazy, yet beautiful mess. In high school, I was deeply involved in our Asian Culture Club from my freshman year to my senior year holding an officer position 3 of those years. Honestly, I felt like I was doing it just for the fun and I didn’t truly understand the concept of celebrating our culture and really understand what it meant to be an Asian American. It was still a good learning experience  for me to become a better leader and I also got to meet someone very important and special to me, Lucy Tran. She was a senior and I was a freshman when I had met her and since then, she has been like an older sister to me. I’ll leave out a lot of stuff, but after I finished high school, Lucy told me that she wanted me to be involved in VSA. She would show me these pictures of these people I would later meet in college. I really had no idea what VSA would mean to me, all I thought was that it was just a social gathering of Vietnamese people.

So here I was, fresh on the college scene. I had come from one of the MOST diverse high schools in Colorado where caucasian people were actually the minority. Boy, I was completely culture shocked because when I stepped foot onto the University of Colorado Boulder I was swarmed by lack of diversity. It got to the point where I would see another person of color and want to go up to them and give them a high five because I felt like somehow we connected on another level just because we were PoC. I felt so alienated from the community and I ended up hating it and always being negative to the point where I even started applications to transfer.

Thank goodness I never had the chance to finish those applications and send them off. What really changed my mind to stay was when Boulder VSA held the Friendship Games and I got to meet more people, some who became my best friends (cough Charlie cough). I started getting more involved and putting all my effort into VSA and volunteering for them when I could. Somehow, someway, I fell in love with VSA. During this time, Lucy pulled me into the CPP Campaign Team and I just kept on piling more VSA related things in my life. VSA ended up being a group that accepted me with open arms when I felt lost and sad. It made my first year in college one of the best so far years of my life thus far. So of course, typical me wanted to be even more involved I thought to myself, “what the heck, I’m going to run for VP.” And even though it began as only a “yolo” thought, I went through with it when the encouragement of many and was elected VSA Boulder’s VP. 

It’s been about three-ish months since I’ve been elected as VP, and I’ve loved it. I love everyone on our eboard. I feel as though we all compliment each other because although I may lack some skills, another member will always be there to make up for my weaknesses and vice versa. I’m extremely excited for what we have to come this year. Our goal is to really revamp VSA and to make sure that all members feel included. I hope that we create a safe space / community for people to be a part of and that people will always think of VSA as something they really enjoyed during their years in college.

I dunno, I just have so much excitement balled up inside about VSA and I know we’re going to have such a great year. ❤

Miss Asian American Colorado 2013 (tranformation tuesday?)



Letters from Miss AACO:
Dear Asian Avenue Readers,
As my year is coming to an end, I’ve been feeling very nostalgic. This year has been such a journey for me. It was full of laughter, smiles and lots of happy tears. I’m so grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful program that really pushed my boundaries. In last year’s reflection video, I stated that I joined the program to really challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zones. I thought it was just going to be another program where I had go to workshops, take notes and leave, hoping to learn something. This program has been beyond what I expected. I’ve met some of the most inspirational people through the program and I’m lucky enough to call them my close friends today.
My senior year was slowly coming to an end and the program was exactly what I needed to end a chapter of my life and begin a new one as I was about to go to college. It really helped me find my place in the Asian community during my first year of college. I had felt so lost because I didn’t know where my place was and what my purpose was, but the program was always there to remind me that I did have a purpose. The purpose to give back to my community whenever I can, whether it was volunteering, getting involved in an organization, or simply doing a kind deed.
Being Miss AACO also really taught me a lot about myself. During my year, I continued to struggle with self confidence and my self image. I always questioned myself, “am I worthy of this title?”, “am I good enough?”, “do people see me as Miss AACO?”, etc. I kept feeling like I wasn’t glamorous or pretty enough to represent such an amazing program and I always doubted myself at the beginning because I didn’t feel like I fit into that mold. A great friend of mine (Phil Trinh), reminded me constantly that I was doing fine. He would give me pep talks and give me encouragement every time I needed it. He told me, “you didn’t let Miss AACO make you, YOU made Miss AACO.” And it made me realize that as Asian American women, we come in all sizes, shapes and forms. We don’t fit into one mold and that’s okay, because that doesn’t make us any less amazing or any less of a leader. Outside appearance really isn’t important because it comes down to what’s inside of you, your character and your compassion.
From my experience as Miss AACO, I have been introduced and exposed to many more avenues of programs and organizations I can contribute my leadership through. After the title, I will continue to fight for victims of sex trafficking, continue to be involved in my Vietnamese community, and even more. My experience as Miss AACO has really taught me that I have no limits and as long as I really put my heart and soul into what I do, I can come out successful. I hope to always be a part of Miss Asian American Leadership program because I owe so much to for what it’s given me.
I know it may be a bit hard to understand where I come from when I speak about Miss AACO, but I hope you all understand that it’s a program that changes lives, creates friendships, and helps bring light to female Asian American leaders. We continue to thank the community for always supporting our program.
Finally, I’d like to give a special thanks to: Annie Guo, Dao Than, Phil Trinh, Becca Newton, my parents, my siblings and my friends for being there for me throughout this crazy adventure.
Dear Miss AACO 2014,
I hope that you enjoyed your time during the program. I hope that going through the program was worth all of the effort and that it taught you lessons that will last a lifetime. I hope that you’ve finished the program with an addition of friends to your list. But most importantly I hope that you are proud of yourself for everything you’ve accomplished.
I just want to let you know that the crown, the sash and the title honestly don’t mean anything. It doesn’t make you more glamorous, more important, or even more amazing. You have always been all of the above before and after the title. There is nothing to “live up to.” YOU are Miss Asian American Colorado and YOU choose what that means.
On a final note, I know you will do fantastically well and I excited for what you have to offer.
Love your Miss Asian American Colorado 2013, Thuy ❤

So here’s how my summer is going so far! :)


I finally got a picture with KH^2 🙂 We’ve been meaning to get a sandwich picture for awhile. I still have yet to celebrate their high school graduations, but we’ll get to that later. We just all met up at Lollicup and had a good time.


This was when VSA went hiking. I know… not very many people showed up, but it was fun regardless 🙂


Then right after hiking, we went to the circus! I got to ride an elephant that day and it was super fun ❤ I also got to hang out with Nathaniel and Pablo. Awh, I really miss them again.


This is Cudjoe and I volunteering at the Tennis Tournament. I was actually a part of the Tennis Hope committee this year, which was a bit strange since I’ve been a volunteer for such a long time. Also, Cudjoe and I were partners for the mixed doubles beginner. We were knocked out first round though. 😥 LOL it’s ok though it was super fun.


This night was in celebration of moving into our new home 🙂 Anthony and Charlie came over to celebrate with us on Wine Wednesday and it was the first time I tried wine and I feel like I’m going to be a wine-a-holic because I really liked it and I crave it a lot. 😦


This was when the Miss AACO crew volunteered for Habitat Humanity! ❤ I love this program so much and I’m so glad the candidates this year are having a blast and doing so much more! Involvement in the community is super important! I can’t wait for the finale this year, these girls have really worked hard all year and it’s time for them to shine. And I really cannot wait to see my little, Agnes on stage! She’s so cute ❤



These two pictures were taken from the Miss AACO 2014 picnic. ❤


It’s always a good day with this goof. Couldn’t have asked to get stuck with anyone else. ❤


My handsome 2014 high school graduates. It was so weird going to graduation without being in a gown. I’m so proud of my boys… well they’re now men, but they will always be babies to me ❤ So proud to see how grown up they are now and I can’t wait to see the great things they will do in college!


And I’m still doing crazy shoots with Dao. ❤ She’s so talented… lol and I just derp.


This is another photo with my Miss AACO crew ❤ This is Hosnah and Natasha and they’re both really cute! ❤ We were building fences in the mountains for Wildlands Restoration! 🙂

We also met a really cute park ranger named Lonnie!

It’s been awhile…

Yo yo yo! I know it’s been awhile… ok more like a really long time, but I’m trying to be a lot better with posting.

Things that have happened since my last post:

1. Going to the ER (long story… let’s just say I was not healthy and I got really sick).

2. Being elected VSA Vice President

3. Helping raise over $1k for One Body Village with my CPP team ❤

4. Finishing my first year of college pretty strong! 🙂

5. Permanently moving out of my parents home and into my own apartment with my awesome summer roommates John, Jesse and Justin!

6. Working a ton at IBS and the library

7. Miss AACO has started again, and we’re actually in the middle ish of the program at the moment.

It’s been a good summer so far! Maybe when I get home tonight from work I’ll update y’all a bit more with photos as well!

Oh yeah, I’m also growing my bangs out now for a more “mature” look?

Photo on 6-11-14 at 3.10 PM

Clearly I’m really mature.

Taken just now at work. Hahhhh~

Ok bye and I promise to update you all very soon!