Assuming that you have clicked on the “About” tab by choice, I am very flattered! Well… that puts a lot of pressure on me to make myself seem very interesting. I’ve never written an “About me” page that truly satisfied me, but here we go.

Why did you make a wordpress?

I have been using tumblr as a blogging tool since my freshman year in high school. That was four years ago. I felt as though I needed to mature from tumblr so here I am at wordpress!

What is the purpose behind this wordpress?

As my tagline states, I am here to share my thoughts, feelings/emotions, opinions and adventures for the next few years. I guess this blog is more for myself than for anyone else. I have just started college and I want to be able to have something like a scrapbook just for the memories. Hopefully I’m interesting enough for people to stick around and enjoy the journey with me.

Some things you would like to say about yourself?

My name is Thuy (pronounced “twee”) and I am currently 19 years old (gah… that’s so weird to say because I still feel like I’m 16.) I’m a very proud Vietnamese-American. I am currently a freshman in college. I major in integrative physiology, which is fancy for the study of body parts and how they work. I would love to minor in ethnic studies because I believe that learning the histories of other cultures will help me understand the world in a better light. I have a slight obsession with elephants… because why not?! They’re cute as hell. So yeah, I think those are the basic things you ought to know about me. There is so much more about me, but I guess you’ll just have to learn them through my posts.



Sorry for this super cheesy photo of me. Here is a face to put my name to. This picture was taken in Nov. 2013


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