21 Things to Do by the Time I turn 21

  1. run a marathon for a special cause
  2. go two weeks without eating out
  3. learn how to eat vegetables without freaking out about it
  4. go to disney land / disney world
  5. go to california
  6. travel with my friends
  7. go camping
  8. go fishing with my dad again
  9. road trip to the grand canyon
  10. get a 4.0
  11. find an internship at anschutz (my dream med school)
  12. go to a maroon 5 concert
  13. meet someone famous and take a selfie with them
  14. buy my mom a REALLY nice gift
  15. go on vacation with my dad
  16. swim in the ocean
  17. learn how to play the ukelele
  18. perform on stage
  19. take a walk by myself at least once a week
  20. create a private journal for myself (we’ll see how this goes because i try all the time and i always suck at it!)
  21. get myself a cute pet on my 21st birthday

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