A reflection of VSA…

So, I guess I should explain how I really got involved in this crazy, yet beautiful mess. In high school, I was deeply involved in our Asian Culture Club from my freshman year to my senior year holding an officer position 3 of those years. Honestly, I felt like I was doing it just for the fun and I didn’t truly understand the concept of celebrating our culture and really understand what it meant to be an Asian American. It was still a good learning experience  for me to become a better leader and I also got to meet someone very important and special to me, Lucy Tran. She was a senior and I was a freshman when I had met her and since then, she has been like an older sister to me. I’ll leave out a lot of stuff, but after I finished high school, Lucy told me that she wanted me to be involved in VSA. She would show me these pictures of these people I would later meet in college. I really had no idea what VSA would mean to me, all I thought was that it was just a social gathering of Vietnamese people.

So here I was, fresh on the college scene. I had come from one of the MOST diverse high schools in Colorado where caucasian people were actually the minority. Boy, I was completely culture shocked because when I stepped foot onto the University of Colorado Boulder I was swarmed by lack of diversity. It got to the point where I would see another person of color and want to go up to them and give them a high five because I felt like somehow we connected on another level just because we were PoC. I felt so alienated from the community and I ended up hating it and always being negative to the point where I even started applications to transfer.

Thank goodness I never had the chance to finish those applications and send them off. What really changed my mind to stay was when Boulder VSA held the Friendship Games and I got to meet more people, some who became my best friends (cough Charlie cough). I started getting more involved and putting all my effort into VSA and volunteering for them when I could. Somehow, someway, I fell in love with VSA. During this time, Lucy pulled me into the CPP Campaign Team and I just kept on piling more VSA related things in my life. VSA ended up being a group that accepted me with open arms when I felt lost and sad. It made my first year in college one of the best so far years of my life thus far. So of course, typical me wanted to be even more involved I thought to myself, “what the heck, I’m going to run for VP.” And even though it began as only a “yolo” thought, I went through with it when the encouragement of many and was elected VSA Boulder’s VP. 

It’s been about three-ish months since I’ve been elected as VP, and I’ve loved it. I love everyone on our eboard. I feel as though we all compliment each other because although I may lack some skills, another member will always be there to make up for my weaknesses and vice versa. I’m extremely excited for what we have to come this year. Our goal is to really revamp VSA and to make sure that all members feel included. I hope that we create a safe space / community for people to be a part of and that people will always think of VSA as something they really enjoyed during their years in college.

I dunno, I just have so much excitement balled up inside about VSA and I know we’re going to have such a great year. ❤


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