My Daniel’s Story

Hello everyone, new fun fact about me. I am a proud Daniel’s Scholar. A couple weekends ago, I went on a retreat with my fellow scholars who go to my university and we had a long discussion about what it meant to be a Daniel’s scholar and it really inspired me to write this post. I wanted to write this post more for myself than anything else, maybe on the way, it can help you understand me more too!

1. What is the Daniel’s Fund?

The Daniel’s Fund Scholarship was founded by Bill Daniels (if you don’t know him, get on it because he is one big man.) He grew up in the working class and worked hard to get to where he is today. He is a business man, a leader, an inspiration. With the large amount of money he made, he gave it away to charities and other organizations. It’s too much for me to explain, but you should look him up and see all the amazing things he has done. The most important thing about Bill Daniel’s is that he believed in integrity, hard work, h0nesty, character and community.

2. What does being a Daniel’s Scholar mean to me?

I remember during my interview, I told them how much it meant to me that I even got to the semi-finals. I never truly believed in myself and I honestly never thought I would end up where I am today. I told them that to have Bill Daniels (although no longer here) and his organization believe in me, meant the world to me because someone out there who doesn’t even know me CARES about me. Also, being a Daniel’s Scholar meant that I would be surrounded by amazing people all the time. I have met so many people and scholars who have inspired me to be a better person. Yet another thing I love about being a Daniel’s Scholar is that they go beyond the scholarship and the money. They provide resources for you to get internships and jobs. They care what happens to us after college. They are a support group. I just love that, they go ten steps further compared to other scholarships.

3. How has being a Daniel’s Scholar changed you?

I feel like every experience changes you bit by bit, but becoming a Daniel’s Scholar was a huge change in me… or at least it felt like it. I became more confident. I started thinking to myself, “yeah Thuy, you go girl!” and I think it’s important for people to feel good about themselves. I think that was also when I realized that I am more than my physical appearance, and of course I still love to dress up, but to me it matters less. Also, as mentioned above, I have been so inspired by other scholars especially after our retreat. Some people just have amazing stories and backgrounds.

4. What are you going to do with the scholarship?

Beyond doing well in school, I want to go to medical school to be able to put my knowledge in helping others. I really want to focus on the youth though because I absolutely love working with kids and I think it’s important to be a role model to the young. I came into college being so sure about being a pediatrician, but I’m having second thoughts and I might want to go into helping kids with mental illnesses, but everything is still on the table! 🙂


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