Spring Semester Kicking Off

New beginnings, new attitude.


It’s the new semester and I’m actually excited for what’s to come this year. I have classes I’m excited for and I just have a lot going on this semester besides school.

Let’s start off with classes. I have five courses this semester *cries* but I do enjoy three of them. I am taking: introduction to statistics, US race and ethnic relations, general biology 2 w/ lab, writing and rhetoric, and geography.

I am really looking forward to the US race and ethnic relations class because we will be discussing race issues in the US of yesterday and today. I can’t wait to debate, because this is something I feel very strongly about, especially since being here. I’m also looking forward to statistics and biology because I just simply love math and science.

It’s been a good transition into school even with my state of health right now. I’ve cut out all sodas in my diet and I’m trying to make smarter choices about what I eat. I also started working out with my roommate which I’m excited about. I won’t be able to go to the gym though since I might be VERY busy with a job soon.

I had a job interview today for a student assistant job and I have another one tomorrow for the circulation desk at the library. I really hope that I can get both jobs because I need all of the money I can get!

So yeah that was my spring semester kick off post, nothing too exciting quite yet. 


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